B3Beer was created to please all brewers in Uberlândia - MG. In addition to a wide variety of craft beers, they also had kits for brewers and the most diverse gift options - all related to the brewery.

The challenge here was to publicize the store, as it was totally new in the city and the events they organized.

Watch the video here: aqui

agency: Agência R8


Doce Laço

Located in Uberlândia - MG, Doce Laço is a store of children's bows and jewelry. All products are made manually by its two founders (with the exception of clothes).

It's all done with a lot of love and care - it's visible in the quality of the products. And I, as their social media, wanted to send that message to their costumer.

New Year Video: here

Carnival Video: here

agency: Agência R8




Even though I no longer work with Saborminas, I have no reason not to mention: the snacks are wonderful. The company is located in Uberlândia - MG and wanted to advertise both to commercial establishments and to the final public.

I had a lot of freedom when creating, so I used memes and fun, catchy phrases.

agency: Agência R8


On Motel

On Motel in Uberlândia - MG stood out, in 2015 and even today, for being inclusive and accepting all types of love (and fetishes). At the time it was bold and out of the box to post about the LGBTQ + movement.

In the post of the day of orgasm, there is not much text, but the idea of ​​different emojis exploring and discovering pleasure was mine.

agency: Yellow Monkey


Mitsui Sushi

Mitsui is one of the largest Japanese cuisine restaurants in Uberlândia - MG. Our goal was to take customers to the restaurant and generate interaction on social networks.

For that, we used memes and jokes. The postage of the little girl dressed in sushi reached more than 1 million people in an organic way, that is, without incentives and paid media.


agency: To Be Propaganda